The HERMETIC SAFETY & QUALITY” package is intended for fireplace manufacturers, distributors and fitters.

DORTECH.eu is cooperating with leading, external institutions and quality control organizations to meet their standards and requirements adequately.

HERMETIC products are certified by TÜV Rheinland.


We have created internal control procedures for our products based on observations arising from the use of the fireplace. Products are undergoing appropriate strength, quality and safety tests. The results of these control checks provide us with a lot of important information taken into account when creating new products.

Safety and quality are also the priorities for us during production. Our machines and tools are also subject to control processes. The means to provide proper safety and quality are continuously developed.

Original HERMETIC products guarantee safety and satisfaction while using the fireplace. Our products are certified therefore you can be sure that the sealings installed in the fireplaces are performing  their functions reliably.

Offering your customers the highest quality sealings, you also provide safe heat for their homes and families.

We gain Your satisfaction and You the satisfaction of your customers.